AnyTemp® Hot and Cold Spa System

Our proprietary AnyTemp® Hot and Cold System is a game changer in the spa industry. This revolutionary invention allows you to control the temperature of your spa in any type of weather and any type of climate. Our AnyTemp® System allows you to enjoy daily hydrotherapy, exercise, training or swimming outdoors year-round—cooling your spa even in desert heat and warming it when the temperatures dip.

Everyone expects a spa to maintain warm or hot temps—but cooling, too? That’s a new twist. Why is it important?
Temperatures in desert climates, like those in Arizona and Nevada, can easily climb to 115 degrees Fahrenheit or more causing your spa waters to heat up to boiling extreme temperatures as well. Training in water at 80-degree Fahrenheit to 90-degree Fahrenheit temperatures can have catastrophic effects on the body.

Swimming or exercising in hot water is dangerous. It prevents the body from dissipating heat, potentially leading to muscle spasms and cardiac arrthymias. And, when the muscles don’t work properly, lung function is compromised—which may lead to swallowing of water and increased risk of drowning. Electrolyte imbalance is another problem that may arise from exercising or swimming in water that is too hot. By contrast, working out in comfortable water builds strength, is easy on the joints, increases flexibility, is heart healthy and can help burn calories.

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AnyTemp® Hot & Cold Spa System lets you cool your spa even in desert heat and warm it when the temperatures dip.
hot and cold spa system - AnyTemp

With AnyTemp® Hot and Cold Spa System technology, you control the temperature of your spa. With a water temperature range from 56 degrees Fahrenheit (for athletic trainers and therapists) up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, you can choose the temperature most comfortable to your body, no matter what time of year or no matter where you live. The best part is that once you set the temperature, even if the atmospheric temperature should rise, your spa temperature remains at your personalized temperature. It is not affected by outside conditions.

The AnyTemp® System is easy. Just set the temperature and forget it. Our AnyTemp® Swim Spas will maintain a cold, cool or tepid water temperature with a minimum 30-degree Fahrenheit average outdoor ambient air to water temperature variance. Even during the scorching 115-degree heat and 90 percent humidity of the summer you’ll enjoy a fun, refreshingly cool massage, exercise session, or swim. When you place your spa or swim spa under full or partial shade a greater air to water temperature variance can be obtained.

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With the AnyTemp® System you can enjoy your spa or swim spa comfortably, all-year round, 24-hours per day, seven days a week, in any weather.

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