Hydrotherapy Provides Many Benefits

Stress Relief and Improved Sleep

Hydrotherapy has been shown to be effective in relieving stress and improving sleep. The soothing heat combined with the massaging jets of water help in reducing stress and tension, which can help you fall asleep faster. The buoyancy element of hot tubs and swim spas result in weightlessness, and this effect can be very relaxing and stress relieving.

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When you sit in a hot tub or a swim spa, your body temperature will increase. Once you get out of the tub or the spa, your body temperature will then drop. This rise and fall in your body temperature can also help induce sleep.

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Joint Pain and Aching Muscle Relief

The buoyancy element produced by the water in hot tubs and swim spas can reduce your body weight by about 90%. This effect then takes pressure off of your joints. The massaging jets of hot tubs and swim spas have also shown to have a significant effect in relaxing tired and aching muscles. The hydrotherapy in hot tubs and swim spas also provides relief for individuals who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis.

Improved Circulation

The heat produced by hot tubs and swim spas results in the opening of blood vessels. This effect causes your blood pressure to go down. The massaging jets combined with the heating and cooling element also results in a much improved circulation, digestion, and immune system.

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Hydrotherapy in a swim spa

Athletic Cold Plunge and Training

A cold therapy plunge after training often reduces recovery times. Many coaches and trainers recommend a 3 to 5 minute cold plunge (62°F – 64°F) to reduce traumas caused by training, including Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The standard lowest temperature setting for residential use is 62°F. An AnyTemp® system with a lowest setting of 56°F is available by special order for medical professionals, therapists and trainers.

Athletes should not normally train in water warmer than 85 degrees because of the risk of thermal fatigue. Cold aquatic therapy is often used by athletes as a preventative measure for injuries, i.e. Shin Splints and Plantar Fasciitis.

When cold and hot contrasting aquatic therapy is available, professional trainers, coaches and therapists most often prescribe brief multiple alternating emersion in both cold and hot water, normally for a total of twenty minutes per session. Be sure to consult with your doctor, professional trainer, coach or therapist prior to beginning contrasting aquatic therapy.

Cool water provides a refreshing gravity free environment providing buoyancy and relieving pressure on the skeletal system, perfect for low impact exercising, swimming or relaxing with family and friends.

Breathing rates often increase as a result of pressure on the thoracic cavity and maximum heart rates tend to be 8 – 10% lower in cool water than on dry land.

Cool water is rejuvenating, refreshing and relaxing, especially during the hottest and/or most humid months of the year! Atera’s many exclusive eco-friendly green features are also very cool and environmentally friendly.

Hydrostatic Pressure reduces swelling of injured limbs and allows exercising of injured limbs without additional potential swelling. We all know cold reduces swelling. Bring on the Cool!

Cold or cool hydrotherapy often reduces the symptoms of Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes and many other maladies. Cold hydrotherapy is often very effective in the treatment of many acute injuries and only our AnyTemp® system provides 62° F to 104° F perfect temperature healing water.

Cold plunges normally only require a few minutes of immersion but we highly recommend you consult with your physician about a routine that meets your specific personal health and wellness requirements.

Cold aquatic therapy decreases skin and muscle temperature causing vasoconstriction often resulting in reducing aches and pain sensations in all muscles and joints! Cold therapy often reduces fatigue caused by stress, extreme hot climates and extended travel. Cooling the body when it’s hot is a great emotional relief.

Cool Refreshing Fun

We all know cool water is refreshing, stimulating and great fun for all ages during the hot and humid summer. It’s a feeling we’ve enjoyed since we were kids and always brings a big smile!

Unlike seasonal swim spas and pools that are often too hot to enjoy during the summer, our proprietary AnyTemp® system provide your perfect temperature aquatic environment all summer long and all winter also!

When it’s 90°F+ outside, there’s no better feeling than a cool therapeutic massage from an AnyTemp® swim spa set at 75°F. Most enjoy their water at 70°F to 80°F in the summer but, if you’d prefer it a little cooler or a little warmer just set your Simple Set® Control to any temperature you desire!

After a long, hot and sometimes humid day, there’s nothing like coming home to a cool refreshing massage or a leisurely swim and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even invite your friends and neighbors.

Also, symptoms of many maladies and diseases are often reduced when soaking in perfect temperature cool water. Be sure to check with your Physician for best recommended water temperature.
Add Ice?
Even if you add ice to a hot tub to reduce the temperature to a comfortable level, hot tubs will heat themselves whenever a therapy pump or circulation pump is operating and a hot ambient air temperature will quickly re-heat the water! What do you do tomorrow? More ice?

Uncovered, un-insulated swim spas and pools are often heated well beyond a comfortable temperature by the sun’s UV rays. In Phoenix it’s not at all unusual for in-ground swimming pools to reach temperatures over 95°F. Small, shallow play pools get hotter, faster and stay hotter longer further creating a “seasonal comfortable use.”

If you live in a state that often gets above 90°F, you will enjoy the perfect temperature healing water that only an Aqua Living Factory Outlets AnyTemp® swim spa provides.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Keeping other swim spas or pools your perfect temperature year round is often not practical or possible. With an AnyTemp® swim spa your water will alway be perfectly comfortable year round!

Tepid Water is 82°F to 84°F
When your water temperatures are either cooler or hotter than you have been prescribed, always consult your physician before using an AnyTemp® swim spa.

Everyone has a preferred soaking temperature. A few degrees too cold or too hot can easily be the difference between being comfortable and being miserable. Expect AnyTemp® and don’t settle for less!

Your family can now enjoy fun outdoor water recreation at home, 365 days a year.
If you swim for exercise congratulations! Our swim spas offer a low maintenance, economical option for perfect temperature lap swimming, aquatic exercise and hydrotherapy year round! When fun, refreshing, entertainment or therapy is your desire, AnyTemp® Systems are the logical choice.

Ninety percent of all aqua therapy rrescriptions written in the U.S.A. are for exercise or rehabilitation at tepid water temperatures, not hot.

Warm, Healthy Benefits

There are numerous well documented benefits of warm water therapy and exercise. When warm water is desired, just set the Simple Set® Controls to AnyTemp® between 90°F and 98°F and relax. If you are using your swim spa for treatment, be sure to check with your physician for the ideal prescribed temperature.

Warm water therapy often provides the following health and wellness benefits:

Improved Circulation by increasing blood flow for more efficient cleansing of wastes from muscles and tissues while warm water turbulence increases peripheral blood flow improving high blood pressure, slowing your hear rate after just a few weeks of warm aquatic therapy.

Respiratory System is often improved by water pressure, encouraging stronger contractions of your diaphragm and the use of full lung capacity, leading to a complete turnover of lung gases while exhaling stagnant residual gases.

Improved Muscle Tone since slow active exercise promotes muscular relaxation and decreases spasticity.

Pain Reduction is often achieved by the simple relaxation of muscles and reduced spasm while buoyancy and reduced gravity compression reduces impact on joints, trunk and extremities when exercising or just relaxing.

Increased Range of Motion is often achieved by improved circulation and muscle relaxation, reducing pain and allowing soft tissue to stretch more easily. Buoyancy also assists a greater range of motion while decreasing weight and reducing joint compression and load stress.

Strength Increased by support and resistance to movement from water while increasing range of motion, decreasing pain, improving muscle tone allowing for a more effective range of strengthening.

Decreased Chronic Lower Back Pain by removing weight and gravity effects, allowing gluts, quads, abdominals to work in balance with the lower back. Weak muscles will strengthen more rapidly in a warm turbulent water environment.

Relaxation Increased by the warmth of the water and the improved ability to move muscles. Health goals can more easily be obtained in a relaxing recreational setting while incorporating fun, playful activities.

Moral is Improved while socializing in warm turbulent water, exercising is easier and more comfortable encouraging daily adherence to health maintenance in your home setting.

Aerobic Fitness can be increased in warm turbulent water and exercises can be performed that could not be done on land, low level participants can progress with varying intensities and less joint stress.

Increased Recreation with leisurely activity, exercise and fun for adults and children with disabilities.

Safety is Improved since injury and re-injury are rare in water. Water exercise is often safe enough to start just ten days after surgery, reducing recovery time and needs.

Hot Water Can Provide Pain Relief

A hot water massage often reduces fatigue caused by emotional and social STRESS, metabolic energy, personal motivation and drive, extreme climates and extended travel. Hot hydrotherapy typically provides relief for those suffering with insomnia, normally inducing a far more restful, sound sleep.

Hot hydrotherapy often provides pain relief to the entire body, especially your back, neck, shoulders, knees, ankles and feet.

Increasing the vascular flow to the muscles increases the blood supply, helping remove metabolic wastes and lactic acids faster. Humans have known for centuries that warm water can substantially reduce aches and pains throughout the body.

Hot hydrotherapy improves blood circulation, increasing oxygen to muscles and increasing the antibody supply throughout the body, thus improving the body’s immune system.

Warm water can increase the cardiovascular demand over and above the demands of training and exercising on dry land. Improved blood circulation also increases range of motion in joints and muscles.