Spa/Swim Customer Pick-up Details

For all in-store customer pick-ups, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide a sufficient mode of transportation for pick up, as well as all necessary equipment, which may include a trailer, pads, straps, etc.

Prior to pick-up, we are unable to hold sold units at our stores for more than 45 days due to space limitations. Once your spa ships, your sales representative will be in touch with you to schedule pick-up. If you anticipate that you may not be ready to take your spa within the timeframe, please let your sales representative know immediately so we can postpone production and shipment of your spa.

It is important that the customer thoroughly inspect their product before leaving.

We ask that you compare the items you received with the items that are listed on the receipt. If everything is there and in good condition, please sign the delivery receipt. If items are missing or damaged, please note this on the receipt while signing. If your spa appears damaged, refuse it only if the acrylic is damaged or the damage is extreme. If damage is limited to the spa cabinets or cover, do not refuse it. Be sure to notate the damaged portion of your items on the receipt and notify your sales representative so replacement items can be procured.

If you accept a damaged item and damage isn’t noted on the receipt, you will be responsible for the cost of replacing the item and all applicable shipping charges.

Aqua Living Factory Outlets is not responsible for any changes to the delivery schedule due to inclement weather, force majeure situations or any unforeseen mechanical delays. It is important to understand that the delivery time frame is estimated.